2016 Sourcing and Procurement Challenges


January 2016

Volume 9   Edition 1


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2016 Sourcing and Procurement Challenges


Savings and Opportunities
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Paladin was named as one of the companies on the Spend Matters prestigious "50 to Watch" list, a very important endorsement from the largest blog in the Sourcing and Procurement Industry.


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   Thursday, January 14th, 6­8 PM in Atlanta
Country Club of Roswell, 2500 Club Springs Drive, Roswell, GA

Influencing Change ­ Change the Way You Change Minds

Barbara Ardell, Vice President and Influencing Change Practice Leader at Paladin Associates, will be speaking at ISM­Atlanta's Professional Development meeting on Thursday, January 14th, 2016, 6 ­ 8 PM.

The presentation will include an overview of Paladin's Influencing Change program based on VitalSmarts' award winning Influencer methodology and will focus on one of the Six Sources of Influence™ ­ Personal Motivation.

2016 Sourcing and Procurement Challenges

HAPPY NEW YEAR. With the start of the New Year, Sourcing and Procurement organizations are planning projects and resources to meet 2016 cost reduction, productivity, and other performance challenges.

A Strategic Sourcing planning exercise often results in an overwhelming number of categories that should be sourced. However, many companies don't have the required skills or enough procurement personnel to address every spend category and must prioritize a large number of opportunities to fit the available resources. Some important or smaller spend categories may go "unsourced"... sometimes for several years. You may find certain Indirect Expense or MRO (Maintenance Repair Operations) categories or even Direct Material categories that have not been reviewed recently and may never get the full attention they warrant.

With Paladin's help, you can use our resources to get quick wins and deliver more savings to your company faster than relying strictly on your own resources. We have expertise in a range of categories including office products and equipment, IT equipment and supplies, industrial supplies, insurance, HR benefits, energy, transportation and MRO. Leveraged Purchase Agreements and other cost reduction and cost recovery tools and services address a broad range of both "traditional" and "nontraditional" spend categories.

The services and benefits that we provide don't stop there! We also provide spend analysis, spend management services including audits, and savings reporting that enables more effective use of internal resources and brings long term gains. To see a full list of our categories and services.

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Savings and Quality Opportunities in Insurance

In the United States corporations pay over $700 billion in Group Benefit premiums and claims per year for Medical, Pharmaceutical, Dental, Vision, Life and Disability insurance and $700 billion per year for Property & Casualty insurance premiums.

In partnership with our Strategic Insurance Partner, Paladin can audit your insurance policies and programs to identify coverage gaps and duplications and compare your program to industry peers. If you are self­ insured, we will help you conduct a statistical analysis of TPA costs, stop­ loss limits, average claim expenses, and ancillary costs in order to benchmark your company against other similar­sized, self­insured clients.

The geographic entry point and finding the right broker or specialist can determine your plan’s success. Paladin can help clients generate significant savings by uncovering inflated premiums as well as coverage and servicing deficiencies in existing insurance policies and plans.

By integrating employee benefit objectives with a company’s overall strategic plan and human resource program, we help our clients meet the challenge of attracting and retaining a successful workforce with a competitive medical insurance plan at attractive market rates.

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Scott Neidhold Joins Paladin Associates

Scott is a Strategic Sourcing and Business Development Executive with 30+ years of expertise in driving winning solutions to complex problems and managing breakthrough change in global organizations.

His experience as Vice President of Global Business Development at RockTenn and Associate Director at Procter & Gamble included global marketing initiatives, strategies for 'in store' marketing, global sourcing and purchasing strategies, supply chain design and process reengineering.

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What if you could maximize savings across your enterprise without adding additional headcount? One solution is outsourcing to a BPO provider OR...Rather than outsourcing, you could consider:

Co­Sourcing ­ Our Expertise is Your Expertise

Co­Sourcing allows companies to tap into Paladin's extensive experience and expertise, key learnings, unique insights, e­Sourcing tools and operational best practices to maximize savings, improve processes, increase profitability, and maximize shareholder value.

Paladin can help:

  Identify opportunities and deliver tangible business cost saving results  
  Apply Six Sigma methodology for continuous improvement  
  Engage experts with broad and deep Sourcing, Financial and Operating expertise in various industries  
  Implement e­Sourcing technologies and processes  
  Impact non­traditional Sourcing categories such as Employee Benefit costs, Insurance costs, Legal costs, Marketing expenses  
  Enjoy volume leverage in smaller spend categories with our Leveraged Purchase Agreements  

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