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  Strategic Sourcing and Procurement Consulting Services


Audit and Recovery Programs
Uncover and Recover Amounts Due

Proven Audit Processes and Full Recovery Services

Assistance with Collection of Amounts Due  

Fees based on Actual Recoveries and Paid by Suppliers  

Professional Audit Process does not damage Supplier Relationships


No Client Risk  
  Vendor Credit Recovery        

Supplier Audit and Recovery Program    

Supplier Account Statement Reconciliation Process    
  Occupancy Cost Recovery    

Complete Lease Audit and Expense Verification Process    
  Contingent Labor Review    

Complete Contract and Invoice Audit    
  Telecomm Audit and Pay    

Complete Audit of Contracts and Invoices        
  Freight Audit and Pay        

Freight Invoice Audits for Rates and Service Delivery        
  Energy Audit and Pay    

Energy Invoices Audited against Contracts  

Reviewed for Potential Tariff Changes and Other Rate Reductions  
  Sales and Use Tax Audit and Recovery    

Tax Recovery and Tax Audit Reviews  
  Credit Card Interchange Fee Recovery    

Class Action Law Suit Claim Services Retroactive 9 year Recovery Program  
  Property Sales and Leaseback Services    

Generate Cash from Owned Facilities  

Full Value Appraisals and Market Interest Rates  
  Other Class Action Law Suit Claim Processing and Recovery  


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