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  Strategic Sourcing and Procurement Consulting Services


Capital Expenditure Project Services
Paladin Associates Can Provide Expertise and Support for Any or
 All Phases of your Project


  Planning & Budgets            

Supplier Qualification and RFP        

Bid Analysis and Negotiations    

Contract Terms and Execution  

Expediting and Acceptance  

Post Completion Support  

Our Team Works for You


Typical Results and Benefits


  Advisory Services
CAPEX procurement process review
    * Benchmarking to best practices
    * Staff training or coaching

 Project Procurement Services
Single complex equipment purchase
    * Broader production line expansions
    * Complete budget development to project
    * Third party sourcing, RFI/RFP
       development, supplier qualification
       reviews, bid evaluation negotiation, and


  *  Cost savings of 12-18% from first credible bid
  *  Leverage multi-project pricing
  *  Inclusion of ongoing spares requirements
  *  Bundling of support services and
      maintenance agreements
  *  Objective evaluation of proposals on total value
  *  Well scoped RFP and agreement
  *  Improved Project Cash Flow
  *  Effective Project Execution



Involving Professional Sourcing is Critical to Project ROI


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