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  Strategic Sourcing and Procurement Consulting Services


Our Expertise is Your Expertise

How do companies maximize Cost Savings and reduce the ‘time to savings’ without adding additional headcount?

Some companies consider Outsourcing … and some companies choose Co-Sourcing.

Collaborating with Paladin’s Subject Matter Experts, our Clients enjoy significant additional Cost Savings which previously were out of Sourcing’s reach.

For more than a decade, Paladin has been providing companies with Experienced Resources, Effective Strategies, e-Sourcing Tools, and Insightful Ideas to help reduce the cost of Purchased Goods and Services in all expense areas.


Co-Sourcing Benefits

    Clients can tap into our Subject Matter Experts; Extensive Sourcing, Financial, and Operating Experience; Key Learnings; Unique Insights; e-Sourcing Tools; and Operational Best Practices which Add Value by:  
    Maximizing Sourcing and Procurement Savings  
    Improving Effectiveness of Sourcing and Procurement Organizations  
    Increasing Profitability, Cash Flow, and Shareholder Value  
    Paladin provides Clients with the Power of our Experience … to help Reduce Costs … All on a Risk Free Performance Fee Basis.  

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