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  Strategic Sourcing and Procurement Consulting Services


Contingent Labor Review Program
Discover Savings in Contingent Labor Contracts
  Extensive Staffing Expertise        

Subject Matter Experts are former Temporary Staffing company executives with extensive industry-insider perspective and knowledge    

Custom program is specific to each client based on their culture, processes, and spend    
  Typical Savings of 5% - 15%    

Hard dollar savings on temporary labor spend    

Unique fact-based savings strategies developed    

Generate savings without changing suppliers    
  Gain Sharing Pricing        

Fees based on the actual hard dollar savings during the first year  

Fees can be transacted through the staffing firm or the managed service provider  
  No Client Risk        

Complete Audit of Contracts and Invoices        


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A Success Story from our Contingent Labor Experts
"Temporary Employees”

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