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Deposit Recovery Services

  Over $990 Billion of Corporate Unclaimed Deposits
 are in State Coffers!   How Much of that is Yours?


  What Is It?

Deposits made to Suppliers
 that were not Returned
 and are Owed to Clients

May include:
 Equipment Lease Deposits,
 Facility Rental Deposits,
Utility Deposits,
Insurance Policies


Why Is It Unclaimed?

Businesses Fail to Claim Deposits Because of:

*  Shifts in Ownership
*  Lost Paperwork
*  Address Changes
*  Employee Changes
*  Payment Errors
*  And More


 Where Is It?

Depending on Client Office Locations, Funds will be with
 the appropriate State Treasury

or still with the Suppliers

Our Process Finds it all ...



Minimal Client Effort NO RISK Nothing to Lose
 Fees Based Solely on Actual Client Recoveries
Payments Start in 3-4 Months


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