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  Strategic Sourcing and Procurement Consulting Services


Merchant Credit Card Processing

  Paladin can reduce
 payment acceptance
and Credit Card
 Processing Fees
 Typical Savings of
 15% to 25% or more!





  Merchants can continue to accept Payments Anywhere,
 Anytime, Anyway Customers prefer to pay in person,
 online, or on the go at Lower Costs


  Flexible Pricing

Reduce costs with clear,
      simple, straightforward, and
      unique pricing options
   * Our team will work with you
      to choose a plan that fits
      your individual business


 Fast Funding|

  * Take advantage of fast
     funding process options
  * Faster Access to funds
     means increased cash flow,
     which helps you invest in
     your business for the future



 Fast Funding|

  *  Use an online reporting tool
      to view statements and
      customized reports
  *  Earn statement credits
      through a merchant referral



Select from a Menu of Products and Services for all of your
Payment Processing and Financial Reporting needs


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