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Occupancy Cost Audit Services
Recover Over Charges in Facility Lease Contracts
    Tap into 20 years of Real Estate experience and knowledge to audit leases to uncover errors and maximize recovery.  

    An Occupancy Cost Audit is a thorough review of your leases and related agreements to ensure Landlord billing compliance for rent, tax, insurance, maintenance and over 15 other related areas.    
    Common errors in lease arrangements include accounting for ownership expenses, capital expenditures, tenant reimbursements, “gross-up” calculations and charges for ancillary services.    
    Paladin Associates will extend your accounting team to improve control and governance of lease payments.    





Detailed review of the landlord’s records        
  Established relationships and credibility with landlords    
  Detailed analysis of Annual Common Area    
  Maintenance of Reconciliation reports from landlords    
  Preparation of Challenge Letters to preserve audit & challenge rights into the future    
  Immediate recoveries from billing errors    
  Future cost savings from settlement of claims    
  No direct out-of-pocket costs    
  Fees are contingent upon results    
  Corrections in lease billing yield benefits for years during the remaining term of the lease    

All Go-Forward Benefits Accrue Solely to Your Firm


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