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Office Supplies & Products
Two Actively Managed Office Product Suppliers

Key Features

Pricing Best In Class      
  Extensive Core list of over 3000 items      
  Price changes rigorously monitored; often negotiated away    
  Free next day delivery      
  Industry leader in IT infrastructure integrated platform across business lines    
  Online Ordering with Customized Site        
Business Lines One Stop Shop
  Office Products including Break room and Cleaning Supplies    
  Contract Furniture        
  Technology Equipment        
  Promotional Items        
Retail Program & Employee Purchase Program Over 2000 stores worldwide
  Register cards (Retail Program) receive lower of contract or in-store pricing    
  Ideal for remote employees        
Account Management
  Local Sales Representative, with direct oversight by National Account  
  Customer-designed reporting available  
  Customer reviews at a frequency defined by customer  


  Two Leveraged Purchase Agreements ensure competitive pricing, client choice and supplier backup  
  Client has direct relationship with supplier  
  Total annual volume over $60 Million Over 200 companies participating  
  Aggregated volume offers LPA Participants best-in-class pricing and service  
  Pricing Structure covers all available supplier items within and outside the Standard Catalogs  
  Typical Member savings range from 10% to 30% Free shipping next day delivery  
  Best-in-class service and support, regardless of Fast Start-Up  
  Typical Savings from 10% to 30%  

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