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Pharmacy Drug Benefits
Through Pharmacy Benefits Management (PMB)
  What is Pharmacy Benefits Management?  
  The component of the employer health plan that manages employees and dependentsí Pharmacy Drug Benefits  


  Why Should Sourcing Organizations Use Pharmacy Benefit Management?  
  Average Total Health Benefits Cost per Employee is $10,000 / Year  
  Pharmacy Drug Benefit costs make up 15-20% of health benefits cost  
  Pharmacy Benefits average $1,500 -$2,000 / Employee / Year  
  Pharmacy Drug Benefit costs are the fastest growing component of Health Care Costs  
  Not Traditionally ĎSourcedí by Many Companies  
    Highlights of Paladinís PBM Agreement      
  Paladinís High Volume Contract pricing and discounts are based on 700,000 Covered Lives
  Item by item detailed cost comparison is prepared based on mail & retail purchases 
  Detailed formulary comparison performed to determine if any impact on clientís employees
No requirement to change retail supplier for employees
  Web & Mail ordering available
  Professional seamless rollout by dedicated transition team for client employees to minimize impact
  Coalitions offer best practice sharing forums and watchdog activities such as annual audits of membersí pricing    

Average savings = $100+ per employee per year


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