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  Strategic Sourcing and Procurement Consulting Services


Training for Procurement Professionals
A Customized Approach

  Training is an absolute necessity to ensure adoption and use of a variety of continually evolving best practices and approaches. Evolve your organization to make Procurement a competitive business advantage.


  Acquire goods and services needed to supply the business   Use sourcing tools and techniques beyond fundamental supply management and build competitive advantage through sourcing strategies and supplier relationship management   Sourcing initiatives lead innovation and business direction within supply chains and ensure sustained growth and competitive advantage for the company  
  Essential to meeting customer needs, achieving profit and ROI          
  Good start … not enough          


Choose from Topics and Delivery Methods to Customize your Training



    Defining Procurement’s Role    
    Sourcing Strategy Development    
    Negotiation Skills    
    Commercial Agreements & Legal Considerations    
    Supplier Relationship Management    
    Cost Savings Management    
    Increasing e-Sourcing Adoption    
    Application of Statistical Methods of Quality Improvement    
    Delivery Methods:    
    Paladin Trainer    



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“Training for Procurement Professionals – A Customized Approach”


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