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  Strategic Sourcing and Procurement Consulting Services


Reduce Freight and Logistics Expenses
  More than 70% of U.S. Companies do not effectively analyze their current transportation network, design a plan for corrective action, or have a formal logistics and distribution network in place.
  Paladin Associates will help identify logistic opportunities by utilizing cost strategies and networking capabilities. We focus on the elimination of "logistical logjams" and allow the creation of a defined structure within your transportation and distribution network.  



Our Team Works For You

  Paladin can analyze, diagnose, recommend, coordinate, negotiate, and implement solutions for your logistics and distribution spending including:  
  Distribution & transportation cost reduction, re-alignment and service improvement  

Trans-border specialization and evaluation


Academic Logistics


Small package analysis and realignment


Identification of transportation savings opportunities in material procurement and supply chain / logistics services


Identification and evaluation of alternative warehousing and transportation service providers


Assistance in selection and implementation of third-party logistics (3PL) companies

  Implementation of product designations and hazardous goods identification  
  Development of positive relationships with logistics partners  
  International logistics through all modes of transportation and customs brokerage  

Savings Directly To Your Bottom Line


Successful projects yield more than 10% cost reductions in transportation and distribution costs annually.

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