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Success Story - "Merger Integration with 13,000

Company Description
$4B and $3B Computer Resellers and Systems Integrators
Company Situation
and Problem
Acquisition of $4B competitor required 6-month integration with "synergies" of $150M
Paladin Actions & Recommendations Create merger team with 24 members, one from each company from each of 12 key operating functions. The team would identify redundancies, best practices, and synergies; develop and manage the implementation of merger programs in each area. A merger management and communications function, with previous merger expertise, would coordinate and report on progress.
Client Results


The merger teams identified and effectively managed the 12 integration plans to deliver greater than expected savings within a 4-month period
= (Information systems integration took 7 months.)
= Extensive communications successfully addressed cultural integration issues
= The Company CEO declared the 13,000-person merger complete and successful after 7 months
Complex Merger Achieved in 7 Months


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