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Success Story - "Fleet Management - Minerals"
Company Description
Midsized Midwest Minerals Extraction and Distribution Company
Company Situation
and Problem
  Fragmented Fleet Management with model selection and lease/purchase
     processes not fully centralized
  Recent change in Fleet Services supplier without a formal RFP process
  No Fuel Program
  Fleet mileage information inadequate to aid fleet management for cost analysis,
     vehicle monitoring or control of fuel and maintenance costs
  Supplier pricing not competitive and service levels needed improvement
  Fleet policies and management practices needed strengthening.
Paladin Actions & Recommendations   Paladin worked closely with clients, compiled historical fleets costs and
    generated a complete fleet services Request for Proposal
  Engaged the top global Fleet services suppliers in an RFP bid process
  OEM suppliers contacted to achieve reduced vehicle acquisition costs
  Fleet specifications modified to delete features and options not required
     by Client operations
  Fleet Management Policies changed to reduce costs, strengthen controls
     and reduce risks
Client Results   OEM Discount improved between 3% and 11%
  Acquisition Fees / Discounts improved between 51% and 400%
  Reduced Lease Rates improved between 29% and 40%
  Reduced Fleet Services fees improved between 13% and 46%
  Reduced Maintenance and Fuel Costs improved between 1% and 2%
  Reimbursements for prior service shortfalls
  Improved service levels and additional cost avoidance/control savings


Significant Management and Operational Improvements with Better Reporting and Controls at Reduced Costs
 and Complexity


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